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What is Pixel Pass? Google’s monthly scheme leaked

Android 12 may arrive on October 4 – will the Pixel 6 join it?

Google has been working on Pixel Pass, which seems to be the company’s solution to the Apple One bundle.

Originally posted on Twitter, Pixel Pass seems to be Google’s version of Apple One; offering customers the chance to combine a new Pixel device with an extended warranty and some subscriptions to a few of Google’s services.

It is a monthly subscription that is very mobile-focused. The bundle offers a Pixel phone, that will be continually updated regularly, some key first-party services such as Google One and YouTube Premium, and an extended warranty via Preferred Care or Device Protection.

It hasn’t been stated how much Pixel Pass will cost per month, but Apple One costing £14.95 a month for the basic one person bundle. Of course, this doesn’t include a phone.

Pixel Pass seems to be a combination of four subscriptions, including Youtube Premium/YouTube Music, Google One, Play pass and Google Fi. These services are all based around streaming music or entertainment, cloud storage and mobile network coverage, so in theory Pixel Pass should have you covered.

It doesn’t seem like Goole Stadia will be included in Pixel Pass just yet, it hasn’t been mentioned in the Tweet despite being the company’s own cloud game streaming service,

Pixel Pass may be pitched as a way to access all of Google’s major sites without needing to sign up individually, as well as the benefit of having an extended warranty on a new Pixel device.

The services also could cost cheaper when bundled or come in tiers, but we can’t say much without knowing the price.

Plus, the bundle seems to come with Google’s Preferred Care or Device Protection, which already exist as a service.

Preferred Care is currently only available to users in the US, Canada and Petro Rico, with Device Protection only being available in the US, which suggests that Pixel Pass may be limited to North America, at least at launch.

With the Pixel event coming later this month on 19 October, we may hear more about Pixel Pass alongside the latest Pixel smartphone.

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