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The next iPad Pro could charge your iPhone and AirPods wirelessly

iPad Pro 2021 showing the homescreen
iPad Pro 2021 showing the homescreen

Apple’s latest iPad Pro 12.9-inch is now out and we were very impressed with the seriously powerful tablet in our review. But tech moves fast and we’re now hearing about what Apple has in store for future iPad Pro models.

If the leaks are to be believed, an upcoming version of the iPad Pro set for release next year will swap the metal back for a glass version to allow for wireless charging.

The current crop of iPhones, including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both sport glass backs, in part, to allow the phones to juice up wirelessly. This change would bring the iPads even closer to the iPhones in terms of design.

The report, which comes via Bloomberg, goes on to state that Apple is also working on a MagSafe-style system for the iPad Pro to work alongside the typical wired charging port.

Apple reintroduced the MagSafe branding it ditched with the MacBook Pro in 2016 with the iPhone 12 series.

However, the most interesting part of the report – for us, at least – is that Apple is also trying out reverse wireless charging tech.

This would let you charge up devices like an iPhone 12 mini or even the AirPods Pro on the back of the tablet, essentially turning it into a big wireless charging pad.

The Bloomberg article does say that development on this iPad is early and it might never actually come to be.

The same article states that along with the iPad Pro and iPad Mini, there’s new cheaper iPad on the horizon. This will be aimed at students and come with a slimmer chassis than the current iPad 8.

A release for this iPad 9 could come later this year.

Another note in the report claims that Apple is still working on a wireless charging pad that would juice up AirPods, iPhones and, we’d assume, the iPad Pro mentioned above.

airpower cancelled
Apple AirPower

Apple previously announced AirPower, which was a wireless charging pad that could charge multiple Apple devices at once. AirPower was cancelled before it was ever released.

“While charging an iPad Pro wirelessly would likely take hours and hours, the reverse charging tech mentioned in the report makes me far more excited.

If you’re running low on power on your iPhone and AirPods and away from. a plug, simply popping them on the back of this iPad to give them extra juice from the tablet’s big battery makes complete sense.”

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