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Still using an old iPhone or iPad? Update your software right now

Apple has released an important security update for older iPhone and iPad models after discovering some worrying vulnerabilities.

The iOS 12.5.4 update for both smartphone and tablets is available to be downloaded now, after the company found three weaknesses affecting WebKit and memory corruption.

The update affects the quite ancient – but still widely used – iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. as well as the trusty 6th-gen iPod touch. The update is also for the iPad Air, the iPad mini 2, and iPad mini 3.

Apple goes into specifics in today’s release notes. All of the three issues pertain to the potential processing of “a maliciously crafted certificate may lead to arbitrary code execution.”

Apple says the update “provides important security updates and is recommended for all users.” There’s no word on whether the vulnerabilities were exploited in the wild, but Trusted Reviews has approached Apple for comment.

All of these devices were dropped when Apple introduced iOS 13 back in 2019, but the company continues to push critical security updates when vulnerabilities crop up. It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to iPhone and iPad users that it is able to keep an eye on these vulnerabilities long after official support has ended.

Given the company often faces criticism for so-called “forced obsolescence” of iPhones due to battery issues, it could certainly point to the length of support for old devices alongside the best iPhones, to counter that argument.

In order to access today’s update – only available for the specific handsets listed – iPhone and iPad users can head to Settings > General > Software update to download and install. Make sure your battery is pretty full or connected to a power source and your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. If you back up via iCloud, make sure that’s fully up to date too.

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