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Samsung Galaxy S23 tipped for selfie camera boost

Samsung Galaxy S23 tipped for selfie camera boost

The Samsung Galaxy S23 could get a significant upgrade to its front-facing selfie camera, according to a new tip.

While most of us are eagerly anticipating Samsung’s late-2022 flagship announcements in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, that won’t stop the rumour and speculation extending out to the brand’s early 2023 roster.

One such rumour has just emerged concerning the Samsung Galaxy S23. According to Samsung fan site GalaxyClub, Samsung’s next signature phone will feature an upgraded selfie camera.

The base S series has been ticking along with 10MP selfie cams for three years now, and it’ll have been four years by the time the Galaxy S23 appears. According to this latest report, however, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will shift to a 12MP selfie camera.

This could prove to be far more consequential than a simple resolution bump for those selfies. The move to 12MP would enable Samsung to adopt 4K video recording on its front camera.

This isn’t the first spec tip we’ve received concerning the Samsung Galaxy S23. We’ve heard that the phone may not use Samsung’s custom Exynos chip in any of its regional variants, but whether than means the exclusive chip of a high end Qualcomm chip or a complete switch to a MediaTek chip seems up for debate.

We’re also hearing that the Galaxy S23 will feature a new battery stacking technology that will increase the density of the cells. Expect bigger batteries across the range without a corresponding ramp up in size.

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