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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design leaks alongside Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design leaks alongside Galaxy S22

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has leaked alongside its Galaxy S22 brother, with what appear to be official press images hitting the internet.

We’re likely only weeks away from a full unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 family, and there have been plenty of leaks to have emerged. None have shown the phones in such a direct way as this one, however.

Dutch website LetsGoDigital has posted what appears to be an official press image of the Galaxy S22 Ultra laying face down on top of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

This image seems to confirm that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will take more than a few leaves out of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s book. For one thing there’s the combination of flat top and bottom edges and curved side edges, and also the classy autumnal finish (albeit in a much rosier hue), both of which evoke our favourite smartphone design of 2020.

There’s also the more blatant point of an S Pen sitting on the rear of the phone. It’s been rumoured for some time that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would effectively be a new Samsung Galaxy Note, and this has as good as confirmed it.

This won’t actually be labelled the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, however. The image confirms that the model will indeed be named the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Notable by its absence in this image is the total lack of a prominent camera bump. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra had that infamous slab-like camera module, while the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra had its own sticky-outy camera.

Even the Samsung Galaxy S22 that shares space with the Galaxy S22 Ultra in this picture has a notable camera module, and in fact looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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