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Peloton rower to arrive before end of year

Peloton rower to arrive before end of year

(Pocket-lint) – There are some big changes set to happen at Peloton in a bid to turnaround the company following a fall in shares over the last year, and one of those changes is the launch of the Peloton rower.

The company already confirmed it was working on a rower to join its Bike, Bike+ and Tread equipment, though so far, it’s been tight-lipped on when we might see it launch. 

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, CEO of Peloton Barry McCarthy said he was “hopeful to have it for the holiday season” though, suggesting it will arrive before the year is out. 

McCarthy also told Gurman we might also see users being able to pair a smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth with a third-party bike or treadmill and beam Peloton’s content to the equipment’s display. 

Currently, it’s possible to access some of Peloton’s content via the Peloton app, though McCarthy said the company was exploring a “freemium” model that would see some app features available for free, while others would be behind a paywall, much like Fitbit offers with Fitbit Premium. 

Lastly, McCarthy told Gurman that Peloton was working on redesigning its bikes so customers could assemble themselves. In the current business model, the bikes are delivered in a Peloton van with a Peloton engineer, who will assemble the Bike or Bike+ for you and help you get setup. 

In the interview with Gurman though, McCarthy said: “We’ve been working on it [redesigning the bike] for a while, and it’s a real thing. 

He added: “We’ll continue to cost-reduce the hardware and we will engineer it so that you can assemble it, so that we can ship it via FedEx”. 

We’re excited to see the Peloton rower and how it compares to Hydrow, and having the option of Peloton content on third party treadmills and bikes is great for the end user. As for the self-assembly, let’s not hope it’s not too hard.

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Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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