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Google Pixel 6 Pro benchmark reveals key specs

Google Pixel 6 Pro benchmark reveals key specs

The benchmark scores for the Google Pixel Pro 6 have emerged, potentially showing some key details about the device’s RAM and chipset.

The recent iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro release has shown off some impressive phone specs, and the new Geekbench benchmark potentially gives us a sneak peek of what the Google Pixel Pro 6 has to offer.

Unsurprisingly, the operating system for the Pixel Pro 6 is Android 12, which is an upgrade to the Google Pixel 5, that ran on Android 11.

The benchmark also claims the Pixel 6 Pro will feature an ARM processor with eight cores. It lists four cores sitting at 1.80GHz, alongside two cores at 2.25GHz and two cores at 2.80GHz.

The four cores should be better used for tasks that don’t require a lot of power, which should help the Pixel 6 Pro save energy.

The benchmark also gives the smartphone a single-core score of 1034 and a multi-core score of 2756. Since this is a pre-release benchmark it’s possible that the Pixel 6 Pro will score differently when using the handset’s final software and hardware.

However, these scores are still impressive and sit more towards the high-end range, but has been beat out by the iPhone 12 Pro Geekbench benchmark, which scored 1588 in the single-core score. We’d also note this may not be official, so we’d take the benchmark with a pinch of salt, at least for now.

The tested unit also had 12GB of RAM, which has been rumoured for a while now.

There also will be a Google Tensor chipset in the new smartphone, which should help boost the Pixel 6 Pro when compared to its predecessors, including faster Google Assistant results and quicker voice recognition.

The new silicon should also do this all on the device, which should make for a faster response time than sending the query to Google servers and back again to the phone.

That’s all we know about the Google Pixel 6 Pro currently, but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll make sure to cover any new updates on Google’s latest smartphone.

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