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elago launches new Apple TV remote case with support for AirTag

elago launches new Apple TV remote case with support for AirTag

elago, a popular maker of all kinds of Apple accessories, has launched a new case that takes the Siri Remote from the new Apple TV and Apple’s new AirTag tracker and mashes them together.

The new R5 Locater Case not only protects your new Siri Remote from drops, it also adds some bulk to the remote in order to make it easier to find. All Apple TV remotes are quite slim, so putting it in the case will ensure it doesn’t slip into the couch.

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The case also features a spot to store an AirTag. Apple’s new Apple TV remote curiously does not have tracking built into it so the addition of this feature will ensure that, even if you do lose your remote, you can use your AirTag to find it.

The full feature list of the R5 Locater Case is below:

  • UNLIKE OTHER GENERIC CASES THAT offer low quality materials and mediocre shock protection, the elago 2021 R5 Intelli Case case is made with a THICK LAYER OF PREMIUM SILICONE that PROTECTS your remote from drops and other mishaps from daily use. The R5 has an ADDED SLOT to make this case COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE AIRTAGS!
  • DESIGN OF THE R5 WAS inspired when our design team was looking for ways to TRACK THE REMOTE by making a case design that is COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE AIRTAGS! NEVER LOSE YOUR REMOTE AGAIN!
  • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE BECAUSE the new R5 was designed and modeled from one of the MOST BOUGHT Amazon case compatible with Apple TV Siri Remote. We have brought back the DEPENDABLE DESIGN and MATERIALS but added a new feature!
  • HAVE COMPLETE ACCESS TO all functions of the remote. EXPERIENCE FLAWLESS USE WITH protection that gives you PEACE OF MIND. Premium, unrecycled silicone was used to ensure the best QUALITY and PROTECTION from everyday drops, dirts, dust, and oil from everyday use.

If you’re trying to go with another remote altogether, check out our list of the Best remotes for Apple TV 2021.

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